Online seminar: Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Value by the Business Accountants


The Hong Kong Business Accountants Association (HKBAA) will hold an online seminar on 18 November 2022 (Friday) on the topic “Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Value by the Business Accountants”, details of which are as follows:

November 18 2022, Friday

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (*CPD: 1)
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Free for HKBAA Members


If you are not providing value to the business, why are you here? Principles, risks and opportunities, documents with simple graphs are no longer enough! The board of directors, internal and external stakeholders are no longer satisfied and happy. Without data analytics and business intelligence to support your recommendations, the argument is lacking data structural support. That is why data has become a hard currency. That is your supreme value. In this seminar you will be given the key to open the treasure box. However, I do not feel one seminar is enough. Normally it will be a series for professional bodies, businesses and MBA students. In this seminar, however, we will examine the rationale and the approach to provide value to the business.   

Dr. Agatha Shuk-Yee Wong Fraser
Strategic business and management consultant
Asia Pacific President for BPSA Ltd.
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