Seminar: The Corporate Treasury Centre Incentive and Common Reporting Standards in Hong Kong


香港商界会计师协会(HKBAA)邀得德勤中国两位税务专家Ms. Candy Chan 及Ms. Samantha Tan,为会员们剖析企业财资中心须具备的条件、税项减免的新规则、共同申报准则税务资讯交换等议题,这些新的措施会为本港企业带来什么影响呢?各大企业又应该怎样面对?在此,诚邀各位参加以下研讨会:

The Corporate Treasury Centre Incentive and Common Reporting Standards in Hong Kong】研讨会
日期:2016年11月29日 (星期二)
登记及会员交流时间:6:15pm - 7:00pm
研讨会时间:7:00pm - 8:30pm (CPD: 1.5)
地点:湾仔轩尼诗道15号温莎公爵社会服务大厦2楼 201室
讲者:Ms. Candy Chan, Tax Principal, International and M&A Tax Services, Deloitte
           Ms. Samantha Tan, Tax Senior Manager, International and M&A Tax Services, Deloitte
语言:广东话 / 英语
费用:香港商界会计师协会会员免费 (非会员港币50元正)
截止报名日期:2016年11月21日 (星期一)

研讨会撮要重点及讲者简介 (英文版本):

Part A: The Corporate Treasury Centre Incentive in Hong Kong – How Can Your Company Benefit?

  1. The overview of the new CTC rules - What is a "qualifying CTC"
  2. What corporate treasury activities qualify for tax concessionary treatment
  3. What are the limitations and potential practical issues of adopting the CTC rules
  4. What is the longstanding constraint on interest deductibility in Hong Kong, and how would the new interest deductibility rules lift that constraint?
Speaker: Ms. Samantha Tan
Samantha has 12 years of experience providing international tax consulting and compliance services for both foreign and China/Hong Kong based multinationals. Her key area of focus is on cross-border tax structuring, with a view to helping her clients achieve tax efficiency on profit repatriation, financing and exit. She has advised numerous financial and strategic investors on inbound and outbound investments, group restructuring and other cross-border transactions in the Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. She was also the lead manager on the structuring and due diligence of a number of high-profile transactions in Hong Kong
Part B: Common Reporting Standards – How does it affect your company?

CRS is promulgated by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to facilitate the exchange of financial account information between jurisdictions around the globe in an international and standardized manner under prescribed legal frameworks, account due diligence and reporting procedures. About 100 countries have committed to adopt CRS, this is a global attempt to enhance tax transparency and combat international tax evasion. Our speaker will provide an overview of CRS and highlight the key differences between FATCA and CRS, and the current status of financial institutions in implementing CRS.
Speaker: Ms. Candy Chan
Candy is a tax principal of the International and M&A Tax Services Group of Deloitte Hong Kong office. She has over 15 years of experience in providing U.S. tax compliance and consulting services to multinational clients.  She is a member of AICPA and HKICPA. Candy specializes in international corporate tax consulting services with respect to U.S. outbound and inbound transactions involving controlled foreign corporation (“CFC”), Passive Foreign Investment Company (“PFIC”) and other U.S. cross-border issues such as foreign corporations doing business in the U.S.

For the past two years, she closely followed on the development of FATCA/CRS regulations and was actively engaged in various FATCA/CRS projects.
•             Supported FATCA country leader in FATCA/CRS initiatives in the Asia Pacific region including presentations, seminars and briefings to the financial services industry on how FATCA/CRS would impact their business operations and the challenges ahead.
•             Involved in the provision of local support to facilitate the understanding of client staff engaged in the impact assessment for financial services industry.
•             Advised the impact of the proposed FATCA/CRS rules to clients in different financial industries and assisted with FATCA/CRS implementation.
•             Advised governmental entities on whether they could be exempt from FATCA/CRS based on the proposed and final regulations.
•             Frequent speaker on FATCA topics in Hong Kong.